Corrective             Facials

        Most of us have something about our skin we would like to change. Whether it’s           pigmentation or expression lines, the best way to combat your bothersome areas         is to select products that are specific to your skin type. Who said facials with           results can't be relaxing?All our facials include a relaxing facial massage,hand          and foot massage with a chocolate massage cream.

Dry/Sensitive Skin
Dry skin feels tight, rough and is more prone to wrinkles. Sensitive skin is easily irritated, and reacts to weather changes, stress or medications. Rashes and easily flushed skin are also characteristics of sensitive skin.

Acne/Oily Skin
Oily skin has an overabundance of oil secretion. The skin will feel thicker and has enlarged pores. Often those with oily skin want to use products that contain alcohol or other drying ingredients—this will only make it worse.

Combination/Teenage Skin

Many find that they are oily in their “T” zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry everywhere else. This is often the case for teenagers.

Dark patches on the skin are caused by extra melanin in your body. This can be the result of too much sun exposure or an underlying medical condition. 

Aging Skin
Primary factors contributing to wrinkled, spotted skin include normal aging, exposure to the sun (photo-aging), and loss of subcutaneous tissue (fatty tissue between your skin and muscle. Other factors that contribute to the aging of the skin include stress, gravity, daily facial movement, obesity, and even sleep position!

Sun Protection
The last step to any good skincare routine is sun protection. The Prevention + line is labeled yellow, and will not only protect your skin from sun damage, but includes a moisturizer formulated for your specific skin type.

Vitamin C Infusion Facial

Scientifically proven, patented infusion technology
delivers pure Vitamin C directly into the skin to prevent
free radical damage. Achieve maximum skin clarity by 
improving texture, elasticity, firmness and reversing
hyperpigmentation                                       90

teen Facial

Radiance Restoring Facial

Improves your complexion, reduces inflammation, and boosts your skins

immunity; which will help prevent future irritations! An overall soothing and

refreshing facial.                         90

Deep pore Treament

A deep cleansing and skin-refining facial specifically designed to help clear congested, oily, and problematic skin. This targeted treatment also includes a clarasonic cleansing, 30 min extractions, and a peel for immediate lasting results. Regular treatments help to control future problems, heal the skin and balance oil glands.                               110

Lifting and firming facial

Pca oxygen Infusion Facial

The Oxygen Infusion Facial is ideal for cystic acne.

It stimulates oxygenation and circulation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed, or acne affected skin. Resulting in a radiant healthy glow.



This results oriented facial utilizes the newest technology in anti-aging. A personalized blend of stem cells and our illuminating concentrate, regenerates and firms skin cells, brighthening and evening your skin tone Peptides lift and firm skin, repairing damage. Add a Collagen Blanket for the ultimate Lifting and Firming Facial perfect for a special event.      90

Series of 5:


Series of 10:


We understand the individual needs of the teenager's skin and after careful analysis we cleanse and treat all breakouts, oiliness and sensitivity. Our estheticians appreciate the self-consciousness of the teenager. Consequently , we teach and provide a home maintenance regimen for their skin. For alot of deep congestion the DEEP PORE TREATMENT is recommended. 45 min.                        65